November 7, 2004

Educational Category Finalist
The news is a few days old, but Checkmate was named as a finalist in the Educational category of MSU Phase 4. Thanks to TheSquirrelKing for the heads up, and go Gee Gee's!

October 13, 2004

Honorable mention in MSU Phase 4
Checkmate has been given an honorable mention in the Best FPS category of Phase 4 of the Make Something Unreal
contest. While it isn't exactly the result we were hoping for, what made this project worthwhile was hearing all the
great feedback from the community. Thanks everyone!

September 10, 2004

Checkmate v1.0 is out!
It's been a little over three months, but the wait is finally over: Checkmate v1.0 for UT2004 is now available for download! See the download page for links. If you're having trouble connecting to the mirrors, check the download page later; we'll be updating it as more mirrors come in. Enjoy!
Update: We have an Official Checkmate v1.0 server up at Some people can't see it in the browser,
but it's always up and it's got great speeds!

Changelog - What's New in v1.0

     -The Pulse Rifle damage has been increased, and it now does double damage to shields
     -The Pawn has a Shotgun as a primary weapon
     -The King has an actual Gauntlet now, with new punch/charge/stomp/warcry animations
     -The King has a new Morale warcry, which provides teammates with a temporary special ability        boost
     -The King's alt-fire has been updated; on the ground he will perform a new charge attack, and in       the air he will perform his stomp attack
     -Players earn fractional credits for killing lesser classes (ie: a Bishop kills a Pawn, scoring him
      1/3rd of a credit)
     -The Rook now has siege shields when he enters siege mode, which absorb a percentage of the
      damage he would normally take. Alt-fire when in siege mode will discharge his shields, which      provides a "pushback" ability, to ward off pesky Kings trying to take advantage of a
      stationary target
     -Players now receive a notification & path to King tracer when low on primary ammo
     -Objective Window upon entering the game
     -Shields regenerate by a percentage (instead of at a fixed rate)
     -Once taken down, shields stay down for a few seconds before regenerating
     -Bot Kings no longer attack each other (no more pummeling each other to death!)
     -Weapons are no longer destroyed upon death (they don't become pickups, they just stay in the defeated
      character's hand)
     -New 1st and 3rd person speed boost effects for the Bishop
     -New laser dot effect for the Queen (no more projector stretching)
     -HUD/Interface improvements:
          -King health bars are now at the top of each player's HUD, instead of over the King's head
          -New death message format
          -Kill notifications now show the number of credits gained for every kill
          -New loading screens
          -Class selection menu now only triggered upon death ("Next class" HUD element removed)
          -New piece icons
          -Fractional Credit bar under the credits indicator
          -Status effect indicators when under the effect of a warcry
     -Misc balance tweaks:
          -Rook's movement speed increased
          -Bishop's initial speed boost cost has been halved
          -Kings have more hit points
     -Five CM maps:
          -CM-FortressKitarn, by Ben 'Akumu' Nitschke
          -CM-Sanctum2, by Mick 'Vermoord' Beard
          -CM-Thanatophobia, by Steve 'Spam Saviour' Lund & Graeme 'GMan' Hunter
          -CM-Aristocracy, by Paul 'TAZ' Mader
          -CM-Nefarious, by Kyle 'K6599' Keiderling
     -Misc bug fixes

September 6 , 2004
Checkmate v1.0 Coming This Week!
With the upcoming Sept 10th deadline for the Make Something Unreal contest, Checkmate v1.0 is nearly ready for public release! We've listened to all the feedback from v0.8, and we're all looking forward to playing v1.0 with everyone online ;)

July 21 , 2004

Checkmate v0.9 Release Cancelled
After much discussion, we've decided to cancel the 0.9 release in order to focus all our efforts on developing v1.0. Sorry for getting those hopes up, but in the end we realized that 0.9 would be getting replaced in less than a month anyway, since the Phase4 deadline is August 20th. In the meantime, here are a few teaser screenshots from the 0.9 release candidate that never saw the light of day:

For speculation and/or hate mail, head on over to the forums!

July 15 , 2004

Checkmate v0.9 - It's Coming!
Just wanted to let everyone know that we'll be targeting a weekend release for Checkmate v0.9. We're not releasing any details (because surprises are fun), but rest assured we've taken all of the feedback from v0.8 into account.
Stay tuned!

July 1 , 2004

Checkmate named a finalist for MSU Phase 3
The finalists for Phase 3 of the Make Something Unreal contest have been announced, and Checkmate is among the finalists in the Best Gametype category!

June 5 , 2004

Forums are Up!
The Checkmate forums are now available for your posting pleasure. HUGE thanks go to ConfusedUs for setting it all up out of pure generosity, and in record time! This site will be getting a makeover soon, and it'll have a forum link on the new and improved menu. Until then, click here to visit the Checkmate forums!

June 3 , 2004

Dedicated Server!
Thanks to Pigz from shacknews, Checkmate has a good dedicated server running at ( Feel free to join up; like most games, Checkmate is much more fun against human opponents than bots!

May 30 , 2004

Checkmate v0.8 Public Release!
Checkmate v0.8 for UT2004 is now available for download! See the download page for links. Some of the new features include:
     -New HUD and front-end interface
     -Pounce attack for the King (secondary fire)
     -EMP Warcry for the King (see the Classes page for more details)
     -Knight special ability: Cloak
     -Bishop special ability: Speed Boost
     -Checkmate-specific loading screen tips
     -Featured map: DM-FortressKitarn, by Ben 'Akumu' Nitschke

This version of Checkmate has been entered in Phase3 of the Make Something Unreal contest. If you are interested in hosting a Checkmate server, be sure to take a look at this list of maps to use/avoid.

April 25, 2004

Next Release - May
Sorry for the lack of updates; we're all working hard on the next release. Just wanted to let everyone know that the next Checkmate version will be released sometime before the Phase 3 entry deadline (May 30th).

February 3, 2004

Checkmate Interview
Recently we had the opportunity to do an interview with Unreal Universe, a German Unreal fansite. In the interview we discuss Checkmate's game design, the development process, and future plans. Check it out here.

December 28, 2003
Checkmate Beta 3 Public Release!
Checkmate Beta 3 is now available for public download! See the download page for links.

December 23, 2003
Web Site Launch!
Checkmate is a team-based, class-based modification for Unreal Tournament 2003 which incorporates elements of Chess. Learn more about the game by clicking the links above, and stay tuned for the official release!

Checkmate was developed as a fourth-year Software Engineering project at the University of Ottawa.

Here are some links to the supporting documentation that went into the development of the game:

       Deliverable 1 - Project Definition
       Deliverable 2 - Requirements
       Deliverable 3 - QA Presentation 1
       Deliverable 4 - Design Report
       Deliverable 5 - QA Presentation 2

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