Game Description

Checkmate is an online team deathmatch game which incorporates elements of Chess. In Checkmate, two teams are pitted against each other for the sole purpose of eliminating the opposition's King. Each team will have one King, and any number of Pawns, Knights, Bishops, Rooks, and Queens. Non-King player classes are bought using credits that are accumulated by fragging other players.

A round is won by killing the opposing team's King. At this point a new round will begin, with the highest scoring player on each team becoming the new King. Once the round limit or time limit is reached, the team with the most rounds won will win the match, and a new map will be played.

How To Play

  To eliminate the opposing team's King before they can eliminate your team's King.

  The first player to join a team will be made King; all other players who join the team will be Pawns. The Pawn is the weakest of the player classes, but you can purchase improved player classes by accumulating credits using the scoring formula below.

A round is won by fragging the opposing team's King. At that point, there will be a short intermission, then the highest scoring player from each team will become the new King at the start of the next round. Play continues until the round limit or time limit is reached, at which point one team is declared the winner.

To keep things fair, the King's health scales up as more players join the game, and scales down as players leave the game. There is also an adjusting factor if the teams are unbalanced, in favour of the shorthanded team's King.


Credits are awarded for killing opposing team members according to the following formula:

creditsAwarded = (enemyClassValue yourClassValue)

The value of each class is the same as its value in chess:

Pawn.......1 point
Knight.....3 points
Bishop.....3 points
Rook.......5 points
Queen......9 points
King.......10 points

For example, if a Pawn kills a Knight 3 credits will be awarded to the Pawn. If a player kills an opposing team member that is worth less than their class value, a fraction of a credit will be awarded (for example, if a Bishop kills a Pawn, the Bishop will receive 1/3rd of a credit). The King does not gain credits, but his kills award credits to the rest of his team (the value of the player fragged is distributed evenly amongst his teammates).